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Materials & Environmental Technology Department

 The proper choice
Why do handles on plastic bags break? What is the best insulating material for aluminium smelters? Why do trawl-floats break and how can they be improved? The answers to these questions and thousands of others are found through a process that involves consulting, testing, research and product development. The Materials & Environmental Technology Department researches the characteristics and composition of materials, and the effect they have on the environment. We participate in product development projects in association with companies, consult on material choices and perform mechanical and chemical composition testing. As an example, the department is involved in strengthening Icelandĺs light-metal industry in cooperation with the University of Iceland and the Federation of Icelandic Industries. Our goal is to heighten the competitiveness and flexibility of companies in this field by developing new technologies.

Knowledge and technology
Materials and environmental technology covers an area so broad that it would be difficult for individual companies to manage such an undertaking alone. The Materials & Environmental Technology Department conducts research and consults companies on the choice of materials necessary for particular projects or products. This provides them with the knowledge to choose proper materials to tailor-fit the task at hand, thereby increasing quality production and efficiency, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and increased financial returns.

Environmental issues
By being aware of environmental issues, companies decrease the amount of waste they produce, consequently spending less on handling and disposal while minimizing negative impact on the environment. At the same time, better products are being created with a clean image. The department has the specialized staff and equipment necessary to conduct research and testing on metals, ceramics, plastics, minerals and composites of these materials. Our experts are also consultants on environmental control issues, and provide instruction to staff and managers.

The hydrogen economy Iceland
IceTec takes part in developing the hydrogen society, in r&d projects aiming for replacing the use of fossil fuel in Iceland with domestic renewable energy sources. Introduction on our activity in the field is here.

 Working with companies
Our department is staffed by a cross-section of specialists with extensive experience in the fields of materials, and environmental-, engineering- and chemical-technology. We work with clients to determine the best methods to solve their particular problems, and provide a wide choice of services including research, consulting, education, pollution assessment and environmental guidelines. The methodology is based on European standards, using a broad range of technology capable of producing quality results in any area involved in environmental and chemical matters.

 Professional solutions
If you have a problem relating to materials technology, our department is ready to provide a solution. A product is only as good as the quality of the materials used. In this highly competitive world, the material factor is often the bottom line in business.

  • You can look to us with everything relating to materials technology and environmental issues, including :
  • choosing materials for various uses
  • analysing effects of various materials on the environment
  • testing material quality
  • researching the characteristics of materials
  • developing production processes
  • product development and consulting
  • environmental performance evaluations
  • environmental impact of chemical processes
  • pollution assessments
  • environmental guidelines


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Materials Technology


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