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Training and Management Consultancy Department

Responding to needs and looking for new solutions
The work of the Training and Management Consultancy Department for individuals and companies grew out of their need to improve performance and results. We assist in determining what your needs are, and then focus on fulfilling them through education and consulting, whether they include better products and services, clearer policy targets, renewed goals, improved methods or new procedures to increase productivity.

Investing in people
While projects cover a broad spectrum of economic life, their core is always to cultivate and harness the potential of each individual or group. We work with companies and organizations at home and abroad to invest in and maintain their most important asset: their employees. By providing consulting services in the fields of product development, benchmarking, strategic planning and management we instil in management the knowledge to better develop human resources to their competitive advantage.
New knowledge acquired through education and consulting  not only helps you get to where you want to go, it helps you stay on top once youĺre there. And staying on top means a commitment to learning as a lifetime investment, an investment that will keep any organizationĺs competitive edge sharp.

 People with an agenda
Our clients have from the beginning pushed us to do the best we can by demanding the best. We incorporate a program of progressive review, including evaluation surveys from groups and individuals participating in our educational and consulting programs, with the goal of being the best we can. This gives us a better insight into the needs of our clients, which in turn improves our ability to provide better consulting and educational services. We are, in effect, living examples of the principles we teach. Our goal, like the students, is improvement. When it comes to education, you live and learn.

 Decisive results
We have organized courses and consulting programs for a great variety of businesses in most every field, which are intended to provide the necessary knowledge to develop new and effective solutions to improve operations. Has it been a long time since you last considered the need for continued education and training in your business and revision of your strategies? If so, call us for a consultation ľ itĺs always the right time when it comes to taking a step for progress. With our services, you are assured of a quality classroom.

Time is on your side
Our staff of educators and consultants has the expertise, experience and skills to meet your needs. Our services include:

  • analysing educational needs
  • making complex and specialized subjects accessible
  • creating teaching materials
  • organizing and running courses
  • strategic planning
  • product development and project management
  • management and operations consulting


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Training and Consultancy


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