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Centre of Chemical Analysis

Research and consulting
Chemical Analysis is a joint venture of IceTec and the Agricultural Research Institute IceTec. We analyse, test, conduct research, provide consulting and educational services, assist with product development and closely follow the impact that business and industry have on the environment. Our list of clients includes companies involved in a wide range of industries, including power-intensive plants, as well as cities and townships.

On the leading edge
Our specialists provide a broad range of research and monitoring services. The laboratory provides chemical analysis services to industry, agriculture and the scientific community, analyzing food, feed, soil, oil and wastes, air, water and solutions, metals and more.  Research and development in the field of trace metal analysis, environmental monitoring and chemical processing is also part of the laboratory activity.  Consultation services in the field of environmental technology, impact assessment and product development can be provided.

Chemicals and the environment
Iceland has the image of clean environment, which is a valuable asset. The Centre of Chemical Analysis does its part in contributing toward protecting nature in Iceland and in safekeeping this image.

 We can help
Our function is to work individually with clients to determine the best methods to solve their particular problems. The methodology is based on international standards, using a broad range of technology capable of producing quality results in any area involved in chemical analysis. We also conduct educational projects in our area of expertise in cooperation with IceTecĺs educational and consulting services, among others.
Our department is staffed by professionals with extensive experience in the fields of environmental and chemical technology. We provide a broad range of services to companies and townships, such as research, consulting, education, pollution assessment and chemical analysis.

Our specialised services include:

  • chemical analysis
  • clean chemical pathways
  • environmental impact of chemical processes
  • environmental monitoring
  • pollution control


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Chemical Analysis


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