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Impra - Service Centre for Entrepreneurs and SMEs

 Support for entrepreneurs and SMEs
Impraĺs role is to assist entrepreneurs in evaluating business ideas, provide counselling with start-up, growth, and management of companies, and be a link in the communication chain between individuals, companies and public agencies. We also advise small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) on how to improve their business productivity, encourage innovation and assist in export planning, for example, by facilitating cooperation in R&D and technology transfer with foreign businesses.

 Support and projects
In cooperation with various parties such as the New Business Venture Fund, the staff at Impra are project managers in numerous support projects intended to encourage innovation among entrepreneurs and SMEs, as well as improve management and competitiveness.
We particularly emphasize our services for women intending to go into business by providing assistance in starting-up companies. Women already in business can also receive assistance with the development of future possibilities for their companies.

 Incubator Centre
Impra operates an Incubator Centre at IceTec where it is possible to nurture a total of nine companies that are working on innovative business ideas. Assistance is provided in forming and operating such companies for several years.

 Innovation Relay Centre
The role of the Innovation Relay Centre at Impra is to encourage cooperation between Icelandic and European companies regarding technology transfer. In this manner we assist companies in utilizing new technologies and knowledge to increase competitiveness and promote innovation. The Innovation Relay Centre is part of a cooperative network of 60 European centres that operate under the auspices of the European Commission. The centres operate databases where European companies can search for partners and offer technical solutions.

 Knowledge and service
Impra has a staff of 10 professionals, all of whom have been hired because of their extensive knowledge and experience, as well as recommendations on their skills involving interpersonal relations, reliability and service-orientated attitudes. They are quite aware of their responsibilities toward clients, and solve problems accordingly. All have the mutual task of  consistently looking for new ways to improve Impraĺs services. We look forward to meeting anyone looking for

  • evaluation of business ideas
  • guidance on forming and operating a company
  • assistance with support projects
  • services provided to entrepreneurs and inventors
  • assistance in developing international cooperation


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