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Centre of Food Technology ľ Matra

Research, consulting, product development 
Matra is a joint venture of IceTec and the Agricultural Research Institute to promote increased growth and profitability in food production through applied research, production technology, product development and consulting. Meat and meat products, shrimp, salmon, seafood products, cakes, salted fish, pizza ľ all this and more is part of Icelandĺs economic existence, a large part of what makes it what it is: a thriving, export oriented, food producing nation with a highly-developed infrastructure. Our experience utilizing methodologies refined in Iceland is available to you to find solutions for your food processing problems.

The future is now
Applied research and product innovation within the Centre of Food Technology is an important factor in the process of continued progress and development in Iceland. A food-ingredients database to assist both manufacturers and consumers is one of the powerful tools used by Matra to provide overall food technology services. The knowledge and capability that the unit possesses is now a growing export commodity, as companies look to Matra for assistance.


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Food Technology


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