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Gu­mundur Gunnarsson - Allir starfsmenn

Gu­mundur GunnarssonFagstjˇri - Efnaferlar og efnistŠkni570 7173

Menntun:  EfnaverkfrŠ­i (Ph.D)

┴herslusvi­:  Rß­gj÷f, rannsˇknir og ■rˇun var­andi efnaferla, keramik og dufttŠkni.


1981: Ph.D. Physical chemistry. Technical University of Lund, Sweden.

1974: M.Sc. Chemical engineering. Technical University of Lund, Sweden.

Professional field at IceTec:

Senior scientist and project manager, the last years at the department of materials and environmental technology. Projects can be classified in the following manner. 

1.    Energy intensive processes. Desk top studies of the possibilities of using domestic energy resources, hydroelectric power and geothermal energy in industry.

2.    Silica and silicates.  Production of zeolites and silicates from pumice, perlite and diatomite. Utilization of byproduct silica fume from ferrosilicon and silicon metal plants. Production of geothermal silica from geothermal brine in Svartsengi. Optimization of the properties of silica from olivine for different applications

3.    Hydrothermal technology and ceramics. Production of ceramic powders, for example ferrites and zirconia, with hydrothermal methods. Production of ceramic microspheres for plasma spraying. Purification of raw materials for production of high purity zirconia. Inert anodes for aluminum electrolysis. Dental ceramics.

4.    Chemical process technology. Dehydration of raw materials for magnesium metal production. Purification of carbon dioxide from geothermal power plants. Production of methanol from domestic resources. Production of magnesium chloride and silica from olivine. Extraction of hydrogen from geothermal gases. Production of sodium borohydride.

5.    Other project. Fine grained material as fillers in concrete. New products from mineral wool. Protective clothing for use in the aluminum industry.

Most of the above projects have been carried out in cooperation with companies and industries in Iceland and abroad. Funding for the projects has been obtained from Icelandic and foreign companies, Icelandic research funds, Nordic funds and the European Union.


Selected IceTec reports

1.    Gu­mundur Gunnarsson. Production of methanol from carbon dioxide fro the Svartsengi geothermal power plant(In Icelandic), IT═9909/HTD08, 1999.

2.    Gu­mundur Gunnarsson. Production of magnesium chloride and silica from olivine. Experimental results. ITI0004/HTD04/T, 2000.

3.    Gu­mundur Gunnarsson, Heramnn ١r­arson, Fri­rik DanÝelsson. Production of magnesium chloride and silica from olivine. Preliminary process description and cost assessment.  2000.  Reykjavik, ITI0005/HTD05/T , 2000.

4.    Gu­mundur Gunnarsson, Development of olivine silica for green tire rubber formulations, IT═0311/HTD11/T, 2003.

 Chapters in conference proceedings

1.    Gu­mundur Gunnarsson, Edda Lilja Sveinsdˇttir, Anna-Karin Westman, Tapio Lepist÷, Tapio Mantyla. Mechanical properties and aging behaviour of hot isostatically pressed Y-ZrO2 ceramics made of hydrothermally produced and supercritically dried powders. In ôEuro-ceramicsö. G. de With, R. A. Terpstra R. Metselaar editors. London Elsevier; 1989;3.458-62.

2.    Gu­mundur Gunnarsson, Edda Lilja Sveinsdˇttir. Production of zirconia powders by hydrothermal methods and supercritical drying and their properties. Gu­mundur Gunnarsson, Edda Lilja Sveinsdˇttir Anna-Karin Westman Tapio Lepist÷ Tapio Mantyla O. Toft S÷rensen. ôCeramic powder processing scienceö, proceedings of the second international conference, Berechtsgaden (Bavaria) FRG, October 12-14, 1988. H. Hausner, G. L. Messing S. Hirano editors. K÷ln Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft; 1989;197-204.

3.    Einarsdˇttir, G.H., Sveinsdˇttir, E.L., Thorsteinsson,  F. and Gunnarsson, G. 1991. Production of zirconia (12 mol% ceria) powder by supercritical drying and its properties, in "Fine Ceramic Powders", British Ceramic Proceedings no. 47,  s. 55 - 60.

4.    Vi­ar Magn˙sson, Gu­mundur Gunnarsson and H÷r­ur Jˇnsson. Safety Clothing for the Aluminium Industry, in  ôConference proceedings from the 1st International Conference and Workshop on Anode Rodding Plants for Primary Aluminiumö, Reykjavik, 25 ľ 28 sept. 2001.

5.    Gu­mundur Gunnarsson. Purification of off-gas from geothermal power plants (In Icelandic), in ôOrku■ing 2001ö conference held  11. ľ 13. October 2001 in ReykjavÝk, p. 281 ľ 285.       

Book chapters

1.    Gunnarsson, G. 1994. Hydrothermal methods in the fabrication of ceramics, in "Encyclopedia of advanced materials". Eds. D.Bloor, R.J.Brook, M.C.Flemings and S.Mahajan, Pergamon Press, Oxford, s. 1069 - 1074.

Journal articles

1.     Jˇnasson, H., Gunnarsson, G. and Tˇmasson, T. 1992. Potential use of geothermal steam in industrial processes. Result of IceTec studies. Geothermics, 21: 665 - 671.

2.      Andersson, P. and Gunnarsson,  G. 1993. Influence of alumina addition on zirconia in dry and water lubricated sliding. Tribologia, 12:  4 - 19.


 1.       Gunnarsson, G. 1995. Ceramic powder and a process for the preparation thereof. European patent No. 0 414 695 B1, 4/10 1995.

2.         Gunnarsson, G. 2004. A process for production of silica from olivine. International patent application no. WO2004048264, 2004.06.10.

3.         Gunnarsson, G., Wallevik, O., Ekorn÷d, L.Í., Langseth, B. and Engseth, P.B., 2005. Process for production of precipitated silica from olivine. International patent application no. WO2005068363, 2005.07.28.




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